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Behold my awesomeness. BEHOLD IT, I SAY.

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Rainbows have always been a favorite of mine, especially with the way that the light diffracts and blends together softly. I like the s...

I like how this artwork blends a mosaic of textures and elements, yet appears almost two-dimensional, like there is little depth to the...



United States
-formerly known as rockforthecross74-
Hey you guys. :3 So this is a little bit about me:

First of all, I'm a born-again Christian. This means that I have repented of my sin and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now before you go all, "You intolerant conservative!" let me explain. I believe that I'm as much a sinner as everybody else, and that we all need Jesus equally because there are no "little" or "big" sins. I don't wear ankle length skirts, I wear black skinny jeans. I don't listen to Southern gospel music, I listen to techno and punk rock. I don't go around thinking I'm holier than the people around me, I look around and see what life lessons I can learn from them. God gives everyone the right to choose between right and wrong, as well as accept the consequences for their decisions, and so rest assured that while being a Christian is - without a doubt - the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm very happy to be one, I'm not going to "shove" my beliefs on anyone unless they genuinely want to listen.

I'm a shameless music addict. Either Spotify or iTunes or my iPod must be playing for at least several hours a day, or I go mental. My favorite bands change from week to week, but I like everything from techno to classical to ska to punkrock to screamo, so you see how it's so hard to choose. I've been singing for about four years now and playing piano for 10. I theoretically know how to play the guitar, like chords and stuff, but I don't actually play because my hands are too skinny to press down the strings. :shrug:

Hm...what else...oh yep, inwardly I'm a pretty random person and can say alot of off-the-wall funny stuff when I've switched over to the random side. Mostly infused with a crapload of sarcasm and made-up words.
You have been warned. :iconlawooplz:

I'm a super-nerd and my goal is to eventually get my home office looking like the CIC of the Galactica. I love love love Star Wars, Battlestar, Farscape, Star Trek, and Stargate. My gaming obsessions are Mass Effect, KotOR, CoD, and Halo - favorite gamemakers are Bioware, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and to some extent, Microsoft. Join me in my rants of fangirliness. Please.

I specialize in fractal art, digital photography, and photomanipulation. Also, I do a little sketching and a lot of fanfic writing on the side. And I like to travel, especially to places that have mountains and beautiful landscapes. :lol:

In case you're interested, my art styles are as follows:
Fractal - In this case, the crazier the better. I like fractals that captivate the mind, amaze the imagination, and stir something within the soul. Most of my works are monochromatic or have a matching color scheme, but my goal is to 'break the mold' where colors are concerned and go for a whole new level of conceputal innovation.
Photography - A lot of my photographs are ideologically postmodernist, meaning open to interpretation. Usually, the subject matter is something taken on a whim, but geared toward vibrant color and coaxing out the aesthetic beauty in mundane things.
Writing - Definitely at both extreme ends of the spectrum, here. Either my writing is satirical, light, fluffy, and humorous...or very serious and deep. It's more often on the lighter side, though I put a fair amount of thought and analysis into even my casually written stories. (Except the insane parodies, of course, which are meant to make no sense whatsoever.)

If you like my artwork, even a little, I just want you to know that my talents are all God-given. I would be nothing without Him. I never even knew I had artistic talent until I asked Him to help me cultivate my love for drawing and digital art. He's really brought me out of my shell and made me a lot bolder to pursue my love of all things creative.

Journal History


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 11:07 PM
  • Listening to: whatever it is that this coffeeshop is playing.
  • Reading: Not entirely sure, but it's boring.
  • Watching: Eureka
  • Playing: Far Cry 3
  • Drinking: latte

Okay so you know how I journaled that I finally had free time, was about to unleash a barrage of amazing artworks, finally got my ish together and could dedicate equal parts time to real life socializing and dA.

Weeeellllll several days later I got put on the overtime schedule from hell (7 am to 6pm+) in addition to having full time schooling and maybe sorta kinda meeting someone special two days before Valentine's day who then broke up with me so writtenrhythm1, no teasing. :P For the last two months, I was basically lucky to get five hours of sleep a night, even with little to no free time. Which basically explains why I was broken up with. :shrug: On the plus side, though, all my extra hours got the attention of my supervisor, which resulted in this little scene at work:

Boss: :iconobjectionplz:
Me: :iconsadfaceplz:
Boss: I'd like to see you in my office when you have a spare moment.
Me: ...frack-tarts.
-- in her office --
Boss: You do realize that I've called the other staff manager here because you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE, right?!
Me: :iconsaywhaplz: *mentally going through every possible thing I could have done wrong, and preparing my frantic 'oh God don't fire me, I'm up to my eyebrows in student loans' speech*
Boss: :lol: Just kidding, we've actually had a better position open up and I can't think of anyone better for the job. Congratulations, you're promoted!

And while outwardly I was still all :iconsaywhaplz:, inwardly I was all :iconhurrdurrplz:
So now I have better hours and am less fire-able. Yaaaaay. I also finally caught on to the fact that trolling is acceptable at my workplace.

--flashback to last meeting--
Boss: So, does anyone have any inspiring stories with our clients that they'd like to share?
Me: *slowly raises hand*
Boss: Yes?
Me: I was screamed at by angry rednecks the other day. That was fun.
Boss: :stare:
Me: :meow:

I, erm, admittedly got better hours a couple weeks ago, but maybe sorta kinda met someone for real this time. See, my church building is used by two different churches. One in the morning, and one at night. I sing in the worship band for the morning, and there is this guitarist for the night church that kept coming up to me as I was packing up my stuff every week. I barely even noticed, as he'd just say stuff like "How's your day going?" or "See you around.", and I'd just brush him off with a monosyllabic answer and keep on doing whatever. But one day he mentioned that he likes doing sculptures and asked if I wanted one...I, naturally, mentioned I do fractal art and suggested an art trade. He was kinda blown away by the fractal I made for him, and because it's a picture file I had to text it to him, and we just kept texting and texting, and then he finally admitted he'd just been trying to talk to me all this time because I take his breath away or whatever.

And so the last couple of weeks I've been spending my time messaging him.
And waiting for his messages as well. Because they're really sweet.
And spending hours at the gym because I looked in the mirror and decided I wanted abs again.
But that's irrelevant.
Anyway, we're still friends at the moment but I'm meeting him at a coffee shop tomorrow. And holy frak am I glad for the pre-emptive decision to have abs again. :lol: I actually had to dissuade him from sculpting me a heart out of metal because my ACTUAL cynical black hole of a heart caused me to cringe from the cuteness.

writtenrhythm1, you have permission to tease mercilessly.

In relation to actual art news...
...I lost the next chapter of Two Halves in one of my five external storage chips and it's driving me crazy not being able to find them.
...I've got about six or seven really awesome parameters to render but haven't had the opportunity to spare the RAM, studying constantly as I am. (My computer is old as balls in computer years, so it doesn't have much RAM to spare.)
...Two months of overtime = new camera! I plan to go nuts with it and make all your inboxes vomit amazing photographies. :3
...I'm gonna try really, really hard not to disappear again. All this time I've been gone, I missed the community on here a lot. Sadface.

Anyway, peace love and dolphins, it's good to be back! :aww:




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writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Oh, frag. Here's the creepy-stalkerish wall posts again. I hope everything's okay? :please:

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you. Two words: Fractal Portrait. Yes! It's awesome!


(And, yes, that technically turned into five words. Chill.)
writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Hey hey, chica. So...remember eons ago when I was writing this one story? "A Father's Love" or something like that? I do believe I have finished the next chapter! Plenty of Bri angst awaits you in your docx. folder! Just wanted to make sure you got it! Don't worry so much about having the beta done quickly; I'm sure you're busy, as am I. Just take a look at it whenever you've got a spare minute! Thanks!!! :glomp:
writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Surprise!!!! :glomp: Merry Christmas!!!!! Even though I am a day late...:facepalm: Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and the rest of your vacation!
:iconbutterfly1plz: [link] :iconbutterfly5plz:
xXWintersDescent Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Eeeeee, present! Thank you so much for making this, I know things are super crazy around the holidays so it means a lot that you thought of me and took the time to make it. :happybounce:

Oh, and btw, I fracking LOVE it. :glomp:
writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I'm so glad you like it! I'm sorry it was late, however! :grump: Trust me, this was probably the most enjoyable Christmas present I gave this year because I didn't have to brave the stores/fork over cash/find a box and wrap it. Plus, it gave me an excuse to do some art and relax. I'm glad it paid off!

I'm so happy! :glomp:
cadillacphunque Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Welcome to :iconglitterandrainbows: :wave:
we're so happy you've joined us!!

please take a moment to read our rules and folder descriptions before submitting artwork to the gallery, thank you~
Sublime-Feline Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Just letting you know I'm thinking of you and appreciate your support!!! :heart: ~Kitty~
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Thank you my friend! :hug:
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