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Oh Frag, Not Again EPILOGUE
Oh Frag, Not Again: Epilogue
Korriban was the desolate world to top all desolate worlds. On its' barren plains, packs of tuk'ata endlessly roamed in search of their next meal. In the Valley of the Sith lords, only dust and bones marked the remnant of a once great empire. Within the long-abandoned confines of Dreshdae City, a lone birthday clown inexplicably danced the Electric Slide.
Suddenly, a faint stirring of wind broke the eerie silence. A ship descended, rather shakily, down into the Valley of the Sith lords, before doing several barrel rolls and spinning wildly from side-to-side. It promptly ricocheted off several tombs, took the head off an ancient statue, and turned an unfortunate Hssiss into roadkill, before plowing into the ground and finally coming to a stop.
All was silent again, for but a moment.
"Frag it, Atton! I told you not to let Visas drive!" Xana screamed, loud enough to cause several tuk'ata to run for the hills.
The loading ramp of the craft extended, an
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Who I am or Who I've Been CH17
Chapter 17 – Infiltration
...Summary: Xana and Talon infiltrate a Sith base, with the help of Splicer and Xana's old smuggling crew.
Hacking at the Republic Base – Crawling (Tophur Remix) by Linkin Park (-1-)
Infiltrating the Sith Base – Smackdown by Thousand Foot Krutch (-2-)
Dark Jedi! - Give 'Em Hell, Kid by My Chemical Romance (-3-)
Talon palmed open the door of his bunkroom, hanging his dog tags around his neck as he stepped out into the morning cold. His military-issue T-shirt and baggy combat pants did little to ward off the chill, but he couldn't help but smile this dreary morning.
Today heralded the first infiltration job of the mission, and he was assigned to it. With Xana, no less. He reached the junction between the two bunkrooms and began to wait patiently for his friend.
Xana came bounding around the corner with a bantha-leather case under one arm. She gave him a good-morning hug with her free one.
"Mornin', snipertard," she chirped.
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Oh Frag, Not Again CH 4
Chapter 4: FLY LIKE THE WIND!!!
"Owwwww," Atton groaned, slowly rolling over to stare at the top of the fuel line. "Xana?"
Xana leapt into the fuel line then, executing a neat tumble-roll, cartwheel, and handstand. Several Sith assassins peeked into the entrance, holding up signs that had "10" written on them.
"Showoff," Atton muttered.
Xana righted herself and shrugged, looking around the fuel line curiously, "S'not my fault you can't stick a landing. Meanwhile, isn't it uncanny that these things are man-sized when they only need to transport liquid?"
"I know," Atton agreed, looking around suspiciously. "It's like someone somewhere is obviously trying to further some kind of plot. Or something."
"I like turtles," Xana declared randomly. "As irrelevant as that is, I do believe that…holy shizz, it's T3!" Xana kneeled down and swept the droid into a crushing hug, ignoring its' beeps of protest.
Atton took a cautionary step back, "This one's not homicidal too, is it?"
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Behold my awesomeness. BEHOLD IT, I SAY.

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This is so beautiful, it looks as if it's caught somewhere between a painting and a photograph and a dream. Where do I start... Oh my g...

Rainbows have always been a favorite of mine, especially with the way that the light diffracts and blends together softly. I like the s...

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Hey guys, sooo I've not been on dA for a while, and that's because I've been visiting with family and friends for the holidays, doing some shopping, wrapping presents, and all that. And I might not be on very often until January, if only because I still have a lot of these things to do, and I've taken on a third part-time job that will finally put my family over the minimal requirements to negotiate with the bank on our mortgage (objective completed! :iconsqueeeplz: ), not to mention the VP of the organization that hires me for my second part-time job has singled me out to spearhead some finance planning and the guy who hires me for my first part-time job reeeeally needs me to finish the last 15 pages of my writing commission by the end of the month, so yeah. Busy bee. :shrug: I've also just started school again, and am actually managing A's despite the fact that studying is relegated to the several hours a night when I'm not working or having head/stomach aches. (Before anyone asks, I still get very minor health problems from being semi-anorexic and gaming for 5+ hours a day back when I was a teenager. Don't do that. Totally not worth it. :roll: )

Needless to say, dA has to take a backseat for a while, but I will try to get on at least every week or two and there will be exceptions for writing-related things. There will always be time for writing, betas, and reading other people's's just that conversations and the whole social media thing takes up the bulk of my time on dA. Artistry is also on hold for a bit, as it's gifting season, I'm focusing on making exclusive pieces for my loved ones, and those don't ever go on the interwebz for copyright purposes (or lack thereof). So it's literally JUST writing for now.

So that's my update. Sorry I haven't been on more, I keep remembering all my awesome friends on here and wish I could be here to talk with you all as often as before. But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, and some things have got to give. Can't really help it. :shrug: (Things'll get better though, I plan to take a break from school this summer and take time to 1. learn martial arts, 2. dominate at Halo/COD/Mass Effect multiplayer, and 3. focus on my art, writing, and career.  The third objective means I'll get to be on dA pretty much every day after work. Except for when I'm, y'know, doing Xbox and martial arts. :squee:  I'm thinking either straight-up karate, or jujitsu. )

Hope you all have Merry Christmases and a cute, fluffy, chocolate-filled winter!




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writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Oh, frag. Here's the creepy-stalkerish wall posts again. I hope everything's okay? :please:

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you. Two words: Fractal Portrait. Yes! It's awesome!


(And, yes, that technically turned into five words. Chill.)
writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Hey hey, chica. So...remember eons ago when I was writing this one story? "A Father's Love" or something like that? I do believe I have finished the next chapter! Plenty of Bri angst awaits you in your docx. folder! Just wanted to make sure you got it! Don't worry so much about having the beta done quickly; I'm sure you're busy, as am I. Just take a look at it whenever you've got a spare minute! Thanks!!! :glomp:
writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Surprise!!!! :glomp: Merry Christmas!!!!! Even though I am a day late...:facepalm: Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and the rest of your vacation!
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xXWintersDescent Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Eeeeee, present! Thank you so much for making this, I know things are super crazy around the holidays so it means a lot that you thought of me and took the time to make it. :happybounce:

Oh, and btw, I fracking LOVE it. :glomp:
writtenrhythm1 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I'm so glad you like it! I'm sorry it was late, however! :grump: Trust me, this was probably the most enjoyable Christmas present I gave this year because I didn't have to brave the stores/fork over cash/find a box and wrap it. Plus, it gave me an excuse to do some art and relax. I'm glad it paid off!

I'm so happy! :glomp:
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Welcome to :iconglitterandrainbows: :wave:
we're so happy you've joined us!!

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Just letting you know I'm thinking of you and appreciate your support!!! :heart: ~Kitty~
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Thank you my friend! :hug:
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